One of the basic rules of Baccarat Winning Winning

One of the basic rules of Baccarat Winning Winning

Those who have been involved in the casino will feel that going to win money in the casino is really a big difficulty. When most people first entered the casino, even if they were not confident in their hearts, they were the youngest, and they lost their losses at the youngest. Unfortunately, it is a pity that there are often things that are contrary to their wishes. As a result, clear bags lose money.

According to a statistics from a disease -prevention gambler in the United States, the ratio of winning or losing is 89.5 % percent of 10.5 %, which is usually the ratio of 10.5 %. Among them, 89.5 people lost money, and only 10 % of people could win money in the casino.

This is just a rough statistics. In fact, if we further discover the winning money among the winners, we will find that even among the 105 people who win money, people who can really win a lot of money in the casino can really It is less than three %, (the winning money mentioned here is not based on the actual full amount, but based on the ratio of money. Generally, the ratio of more than ten times or more ) Among the three percent of the winning big money, the ratio of the big money to win for a long time is nearly zero, that is, the person who has entered the casino for a long time, won money for a long time, and can win a considerable number of people. Nothing, unique.

In this statistics, there are some quite interesting numbers.Among the people who have money, the average age is 46 to 55 years old, and among the people with the most money, the average age is 36 to 45 years old.After talking about the above statistics, we can now further study how to make money in the casino.

There is a proverb saying: “If you do n’t learn to win money, learn to lose money first.” You need to learn to lose money. You do n’t have to take Zhenquan Silver to the casino. I am here to propose some reasons for losing money for everyone. I believe you can give you for you Save a lot of unnecessary money.To win money, you must understand why others lose money, and the most effective way is to understand the gambler and the most disliked gambler.

What kind of gambler is the least welcomed by the casino?It is the kind of person who enters the casino and only bets one to three bets.Each casino has some people who are called “casino mice” by casinos. This kind of person rely on the casino to make a living. It is called a mouse by the casino. It can be seen that the casino hates these people.

Gambling mouse

The gambling method of “casino mice” is very simple. They appear at the casino every day and will turn around at different gambling tables. When they think that the time is mature, they will bet immediately. Usually, regardless of winning or losing, their bets will not exceed more than more. Three bets, even if they win three games in a row, they will not continue.If you lose the money, you will not chase it. That’s it today, come again tomorrow.

The gambling method of “casino mice” is indeed very smart, but of course it is not possible to develop. If you just want to earn a day’s living expenses, it is more than enough. Continue to survive.

One of the basic rules of Baccarat Winning Winning
Some people will ask, if everyone is a “casino mouse”, wouldn’t the casino be closed?Indeed, if every gambler is gambling like a “casino mouse”, most of the world’s casinos have already closed.However, in fact, even if there is a “casino mouse”, the casino still earns a lot of money. What is the reason?The reason why the casino can survive for a long time and make a lot of money is precisely because most of the people entering the casino are not “casino mice”.They also did not do the ability of “casino mice”.In addition to many tourists who enter the casino, these people are not actually the most concerned gamblers in the casino, because they generally don’t bet much. many.

Occupy most of them are those who are full of self -confidence, think that they have luck, and think that the technology of their gaming is better than many other losers. This kind of person is complacent when winning I would like to leave the field, think that I can still win again, and even win the entire casino back, and when they lose, they refuse to leave the field and think that they can return the blog back. Most of the final result is that they can be lost, and they are notatable.

If you are such a personality, and if you don’t intend to change, friends, you don’t have to read this book anymore, because even if God stands with you and puts your hand, you can’t ask you to win money.