One of the Baccarat Winners Alternative Gambling Method

One of the Baccarat Winners Alternative Gambling Method

Both of the gambling method

The first method is that I call it “two people’s gambling method.”

It is said that “the two people are gambling”, and of course they need two people to cooperate.Therefore, if you enter the casino with your friends, you can use this method.The two of them said to the gambling method that one bought “Zhuang” and one bought “idle”.Some people will say, you are probably crazy. If you look at your gambling method, of course, some people win, some people lose, theoretically, it is time to fight, but the gambling “Zhuang” is a commission. That is to say, if the person who bets the “Zhuang” has won, you still have to lose the commission.

Yes, if the two use the “average note” when they are gambling, this will indeed happen.However, if the bets of the two are different, the results will be different.We take the next 100 yuan as an example, the next bet on the “Zhuang”, that is, one hundred yuan, and the “idle” person bets 300 yuan.If it was “idle”, the two won a total of 200 yuan. If the “idle” lost, the two would lose a total of 2005 yuan.

Of course, everyone will calculate such a simple number. So, where is the tricks?In fact, I am using people’s “luck” here.

Two people enter the casino, and the two people’s “luck” are different. Therefore, if the “luck” is not good, the “luck” is in the opposite direction and increases the codes. The opportunity is correspondingly.

However, how to determine that person is “luck”? My approach is for both people to bet in an “average bet” manner first. Suppose A bets on “banker” and B bets on “player”. After three to five times, of course one person will lose often, for example, Among the five times, A lost four times. At this time, B betting can increase the injection and continue in this method.

When B won a few hands, suddenly the two had a fortune reversal. When A wins B and loses, we followed up in a “average note” way. Note.

The advantage of this kind of gameplay is that if one of the parties has really bad luck, the two of them can still win a considerable amount of money by working together. On the contrary, if the two people have similar luck, the money they lose is limited.Just the money of the commission is conducive to the long -term combat.At the same time, another advantage of this gameplay is that both participants can bet in accordance with their own wishes. In terms of entertainment, everyone can participate. Because of the loss of light, he could only sit idle, and from time to time, he harassed the winning party, which affected his betting decision, and finally lost both of them.