How to play "Wall St Fever Slots"?

How to play “Wall St Fever Slots”?

“Play to Wall Street”, the English name is Wall St Fever, and is also translated into “Wall Street Hot”. It is a 5 -scroll and 5 -faction color line 36 winning combinations with accumulated color ponds with accumulated color ponds. And free rotation opportunity.The maximum betting angle is 5, and the face value of each corner (chip) is $ 0.10 (RMB 0.75). Therefore, the maximum betting of a rotation is $ 0.50.

Playing the Wall Street slot machine is clear and simple, with the highest accumulated bet, so it is loved by the majority of players.

Slot Machine Game “How to play Wall Street “:

Playing the Wall Street slot machine gameplay process:

  • Click the “Bonus Watch” to play the prize list page, and then click the “bonus watch” to return to the game once.
  • Click the “Betville” to bet on a compensation line.Pay 1 to 5 to pay a line to pay 5 times, and then click “Rotate” to rotate the scroll.
  • Click all 5 compensation lines (if the balance is not enough as much as possible) and automatically rotate the scroll.
  • Click “Rotating” to start rotating the scroll.

Wall Street Tiger MachineHow to win cumulative bonuses?

All 5 compensation lines must be bet (all -bets -bet max), that is, betting $ 0.50, and 5 Wall Street patterns (versatile patterns) appeared on the screen, then the highest accumulated color pool has been won.The cumulative bonus on December 15, 2009 was $ 139,000.

If you are not fully bet, you will also shake 5 Wall Street patterns, then you will get 100,000 chips, which is $ 10,000.

Wall Street Tiger MachineHow to get free rotation opportunities?

When three or more free rotation patterns appear on the screen in a game, you can get the chance of free rotation.The more free rotating patterns you get on the screen, the more the number of free rotation is, and the free rotation opportunities are as high as 50 times. This pattern does not need to appear on the same payment line. Need to be on the activated compensation line.As long as there are three or more free rotation patterns on the game screen, you can win the opportunity to rotate for free.In the free rotation, the activated compensation line note will be consistent with you when you win free rotation opportunities. The remaining number of free rotation will be displayed on the top left of the scroll.

Entering free rotation, free rotation signs on the scroll can get free rotation rewards, and you can also win more free rotation opportunities in free rotation.

Wall Street Tiger MachineHow to enter the bonus round?

The glyph pattern (Z -shaped symbol) represents a reward pattern.This pattern does not mean that you have won bonuses, but enable you to enter the bonus session.Rotate 3 glyphs on a activated payment line to enter the bonus round.The glyph pattern only appears on the three vertical lines in the middle of the scroll.

Wall Street Tiger MachineHow to understand the bonus watch?

The number of patterns appeared in the prize table 5X, 4X, 3X, 2X and other representatives.50X, 15X, and 5X in free rotation represent the number of rotation times.The number of other numbers in the compensation represents the number of corners.Ordinary patterns (telephones, dollars and other symbols) must appear on one payment line.See the rules above for special patterns.