Game game gambling balancing stop earning (stop profit) and stop etching position (stop loss)

Game game gambling balancing stop earning (stop profit) and stop etching position (stop loss)

The importance of game gambling

GameHow important is the gambling book?

Thinking that wealth has arrived, the note is gradually gone, Macau fights frequently, and the business is unintelligible.Football rely on the brain, all rely on the high technology, and the puppet is not bet, and I love Arsenal.Fan stalls the second road, and the corner is confused, and the courage follows me, and I have bought and bought the shop.The gambling boat has been entertaining. In the past two days, the winning or losing has been eaten, waiting for the rich.

Baccarat waited for a long way to go, and the blog cards were loud and louder.With the number of fortunes, the enclosure is like Zhang Dao. Among me, the audience is extremely high.Win the abalone belly, white wine with oysters, two foods for butter, steamed fish called three swords.In the spring of the spring, career became a gambler, good luck went with dreams, and lost to grass.

The winning ratio of game games

The game gambling book, the first “victory ratio” is to make a higher stop earning position (stop profit) when winning money, and set a conservative stop loss (stop loss) when losing money.Most comrades -in -arms are afraid of losing dare not to win. Therefore, they all use to win the valley to win, win the grain sugar, loses to the factory, and there is no eclipse when defeated.To win a lot of money, you must balance the stopping and eclipse.

The proposed victory ratio is set to 2 to 1

That is to say, to set the winning and the position in different positions.For example, with 2,000 yuan as the upper limit, if you do not win enough, you will not stop. On the contrary, when you lose to the lower limit of 1,000 yuan, you will immediately leave the field. This will only be eclipsed by the day to lose one day without losing without losing, and you will not lose. Pat.If the winning position and the loss are too low and too high, the problem is easy to appear.

In game games, long and short -term, what kind of type do you are?

Those who bet on money can be roughly divided into two types: long and short -term. The short -term people are trying to find fast money and ending every day.As a game, winning or losing is ups and downs, and every day lives in stress, panic or excitement, and people who win a lot of money and lose money are mostly this type.Why is it a problem that the ratio of winning and losing is not set.For most comrades -in -arms, he is a believer who is bold enough to win.Winning a little is satisfied, Mingjin closed his troops, and he returned to the camp.On the contrary, when you are in a negative party, you will do everything possible, in order to recover the lost land, and even desperate lonely.Why not have the courage, have a dream in my heart, to find a chance to go against it, pay a big note, and win a lot of money.

Finally bet!

Game game gambling balancing stop earning (stop profit) and stop etching position (stop loss)

After booked the winning and defeat index, followed by the opportunity to grow up.The way to win money is not to encounter a lot of good opportunities, but it is to see good opportunities and know enough bets.That is, do n’t ask for much shot, but it is expensive to be accurate. When you go smoothly, you may wish to make a big bet.Gambling is important. Sometimes there is no obvious mode on the gambling table. Only when you increase your bets from time to time, you can divide the victory.So wait for the development of the probability.When the probability is unfavorable, lower the small bet, accept losses, as the cost of doing business.When the chance is profitable, you will have a big note.If the chance of winning is better than the dealer, you will have a bigger note!